Saint Bernard Joins Newborn In An Adorable Photoshoot

Saint Bernard Joins Newborn In An Adorable Photoshoot


I bet that walking home for the first time with your newborn is a magical moment for any parent.

The thought that you will now build your life with another person whom you will love the most is overwhelming, to say the least, but in a positive way.

Introducing the newest member of the family is also another exciting feat. Especially if you need to introduce them to a previously existing member of your immediate family.

In this particular case, the little baby is introduced to their dog.

newborn 1

The dog is a bit distressed in a sense that he is overly excited for his new sibling, and he wants to start the friendship on a positive note. He is also a bit jealous since his mom and dad are all eyes on the baby.

There is also a photography crew around, and the baby is center stage.

Sara and Robert wanted to celebrate the arrival of their new baby daughter, so they decided that they were going to do a photoshoot of her.

We see a photographer doing her best to adjust the setting in accordance to the sleeping baby, which by the way, looks like an angel. She is placed in a small chair cushion over a white woven blanket. She is asleep.

newborn 2

Next, their Saint Bernard dog is introduced into the room. And it is desperate to be a part of the pictures.

Needless to say, things get absolutely adorable at this point.

newborn 3

The Saint Bernard seems delighted to meet his sister. They look fantastic side by side. They are going to spend amazing time together. The child will grow up next to the dog.

newborn 4

The dog seems so grateful to participate in the life of the new member of their family. He is humbly posing by her side, knowing that they are going to be best friends from here on out.


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