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A Former Teacher Creates Stunning Salvador Dalí-Inspired Faceless Makeup

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Prepare to be blown away by the incredible makeup art of Mimi Choi inspired by the work of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

The Vancouver-based artist is a true master of manipulating visual perceptions and her newest project might just blow your head off


Often taking inspiration from the pioneer of surrealism, Choi’s latest Dalí-esque project involves incredible makeup work on human faces

The 31-year-old who used to work as a teacher claims none of her work is Photoshopped. Far from her first attempt at surrealist makeup, in previous projects, Choi has replaced half her head with a kiwi, melted her face and elongated her own tongue, as well as adding as many as 25 hyper-realistic eyes to a person’s body and painting a hand so it strikingly resembles a piece of sushi.

“I hope that my strange creatives can inspire people to think out of the box and create a style and trend that is unique to themselves,” the artist writes on her Instagram.

In the past, Choi has struggled with issues such as anxiety and sleep paralysys. Completely open about those experience, she now uses her skills as a makeup artist to express her emotions and hopes that she can inspire others to “follow their own path and unleash their creative inner selves”.

After quitting teaching three years ago, Choi is now a professional artist who does makeup for weddings and other events as well as a widely-followed social media phenomenon with more than 381,2k users subscribed to her Instagram account.

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