Samantha Jones Golden Ways In Sex And The CIty

Samantha Jones’ Golden Ways In Sex And The CIty

Sex And The CIty

Sex and the City was one of the most groundbreaking, documentary-realistic show portraying New York City and its denizens at the turn of the last century. Narrated by the series’ main protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, it’s a story of four middle-aged women actively pursuing relationships and careers while trying to stay on top of the ever-changing times.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character writes a sex column for the New York Star. Some of the raunchiest excerpts in the columns and consequently in the show were based on the private dealings of Kim Cattrall’s character. PR businesswoman Samantha Jones was pushed as the most daring of the four, portrayed as the having that joie de vivre attitude towards sex in particular.

The many mischievous plots that revolved around Samantha Jones as well as the superb writing of the writing staff on the show made this character one of the most beloved of the show. Some of her moments are still largely referred to on social media even today.  Here some quotes that neatly summarize the goddess and straight up boss that was Samantha Jones! Take heed, ladies!

1. Set your priorities straight!

What I learned from her is to never put a man in front of your own happiness! In fact, loving yourself is more likely to bring around a heap of adoring men than vice versa!

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2. Get real!

One of the best traits of this character was her clear cut, blunt realism. And she never hesitated to let the girls know how she felt on certain matters!

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3. Who are ‘they’?

Samantha knew that she was in her own league. She played the game better than any others because there were no ‘others’. She couldn’t care less about criticism and naysayers!

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4. Fasten your seat belts!

Samantha knew that the sky was the limit. She could’ve never let anyone tie her down or keep her in one place. She was not the one to grow roots in relationships and set for the average life.

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5. Age appropriate

Never the one to take age into consideration, Samantha was the writer’s vehicle to challenge ageism! She was the most empowering and liberating character!

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6. The hard rock

This character was written as the type to always fleet through relationships and remain absolutely detached. However, we saw Samantha’s fragile side by witnessing the relationship she had with Richard.

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7. Escapades!

At one point in the show, this character was portrayed as having a brief and tumultuous relationship with a woman. And this was the first and only character among the four to experiment at large with her sexuality.

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8. What works best

Samantha exhibited a well-refined wisdom when it comes to self-knowledge and acceptance.  It was achieved through many a trial and error situations! She never compromised with her needs and interests!

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9. And what worked for her was keeping her own god damn business her own and on the low!

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10. The friendly advice

The Charlotte-Samantha characters were written to both play off of each other. The one being the libertine and the other being the conservative liberal of the bunch!

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11. The way I see it…

This character was always clear on one more thing: her personal views on marriage. And how she successfully avoided looking into the matter for more than 30 years!
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12. Definitely knew how to appreciate finer things in life!

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13. Unapologetically herself!

Her deadpan humor with a knack for the many wonders of syntax made her one of the funniest characters on the show! And she always delivered!

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