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Here Are 16 Things You Didn’t Know About The Santa Clause Movies

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You probably have a huge list of Christmas cult classic movies just waiting to be watched this holiday season. Grinch, The Holiday, Home Alone, and of course, The Santa Clause.

This movie is excellent, featuring the split-family drama, sweet little Charlie, and the magical ending. This is also one of Tim Allen’s most prominent roles, as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus.

So, if you are a big fan of this movie and you plan to see it this season (again!), read ahead for 16 facts you probably never knew about this move!

1. Originally, the film wasn’t going to include a child as one of the main characters.

The original was also going to be called “Such a Clatter”. Thank goodness for the addition of Charlie and the name change.


Source: via DFILES

2. Originally, Bill Murray was supposed to take up the role of Scott Calvin.

I could totally see Bill Murray as the gruff Scott Calvin!


Source: via Scott Gries / Getty Images

3. Chevy Chase was also offered the role

He had to turn it down due to scheduling problems.


Source: via D. Kambouris / Getty Images

4. Tim Allen almost wasn’t cast in the role!

At the time, Disney had a strong policy of not hiring people who had a criminal record, but they cast Tim Allen anyway for the sake of the film!


Source: via reddit / Lyd_Euh

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