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Sarah H. Is Here To Prove That A Pixie Haircut Can Also Look Awesome


I just need to take a minute here and say kudos to all the girls out there who have ridiculously long hair. In case you’re wondering why, you need to understand that having hair like that takes a lot of grooming and a lot of money spent on high quality hair products. Of course, there are those girls who just don’t feel like maintaining such a long mane, which is why they opt for shorter hairstyles, and the shortest you can go before you go clean-shaven is a pixie cut. But don’t worry, just because you have a pixie cut doesn’t mean you can’t rock some awesome hairstyles, and Sarah H. is here to prove so!

pixie 1

If you have a special occasion coming soon, particularly if that occasion starts with a “w” and ends with an “edding”, you need to get your pixie looking mighty fine, and Sarah is here to help you out. While she takes a different approach to her videos (there’s not a lot of talking involved) and she’s not as popular as some of the others we’ve featured (12k subscribers), she still knows how to get it done.

This video has only one hairstyle, but it’s one done right

pixie 2

The way she achieves it she curls it up with the flat iron and then applies just a tiny bit of gel and some conditioner.

After that, she applies a floral crown

pixie 3

I guess you could say this pixie hairstyle makes you look you’ve woken up in style.

Would you get a pixie cut? And if you have one, will your try this style? Let us know in the comments! Probably also a good idea to check out Sarah’s blog, where you’ll find other hairstyles as well as some pretty good outfit ideas.

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