Sarah Vine To Meghan Markle: Do Not Feel Discouraged, I Feel Your Pain

So, it turns out that Meghan Markle isn’t completely perfect, after all. But that’s all right, British journalist Sarah Vine writes for The Daily Mail.

“Until this week, Meghan Markle seemed incapable of putting a foot wrong. Then, on Christmas Day outside Sandringham’s church, she did precisely that,” Vine says. And she’s correct! Meghan was untypically nervous as she lined up next to Prince Harry, William and the Duchess of Cambridge. But let’s be honest here – who wouldn’t fret in the presence of royalty?

Sarah Vine’s description is apt: “Dressed in shades of fawn, she looked more like some fragile woodland creature — brown eyes wide, slender limbs trembling — than the confident young actress we have come to know.”

And while Kate Middleton, now experienced in all things royal, passed it all with flying colors, Meghan botched her curtsey to the Queen. Well, she slightly botched it. But she will undoubtedly kick herself for it, as Vine couldn’t help but notice:

“Harry was quick to reassure her — but she will have secretly been kicking herself. And I feel her pain because I’ve made precisely the same hash of a curtsey myself.”

See, Sarah Vine has ‘been there, done that’, which is why she understands Meghan Markle so well. And while her curtsey disaster wasn’t as significant as Markle’s, Sarah was not to just anyone either. It was to the Duke and the Duchess of Cornwall. She reminisced:

“The issue of The Curtsey loomed large right from the moment the prized invitation dropped on our doormat. Our hostess being a stickler for such things, she took it upon herself to instruct me. Admittedly, there is something faintly ridiculous about curtseying in this day and age. It’s not so much the fact of genuflecting in the royal presence, it’s the process itself.”

Sarah articulated what we’re all thinking. Like, why are we still doing courstey in the 21-st century?

“In crinoline and corset and garnished with yards of silk and lace, I imagine it looks magnificent, romantic even; in ordinary 21st-century clothes it appears ungainly and awkward, even when executed by a trained pro like Kate.”

For an American, she did quite well.


While Kate held her back straight, Meghan didn’t quite make it.

Her feet were kinda placed wrong, too.


But, the Brits are gonna Brit. As Vine tells it, learning to courtesy properly is deceivingly simple. It is in fact very challenging to learn how to do it properly:

“I thought it would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong. The aim is to drop the rear knee so that it almost touches the ground — yes, the ground — while bending the front one at a right angle. All the time maintaining a rod-straight back and the appearance of effortless grace.”

As a non-British person, that strikes me as something difficult to pull off. But that’s not all – it can actually feel painful too:

“It is a move guaranteed to send the unwitting novice off-balance. Imagine doing a vertical lunge, only in high heels and a skirt and with nothing to hold on to. It’s actually painful. You need a strong core, thighs of steel and impeccable balance to avoid collapsing head-first into the monarch’s lap.”

If I was Meghan, I would’ve fallen over and groveled on the ground. Between the Queen’s feet.


However, Meghan wasn’t without help, because Prince Harry quickly reassured her that it’s all right. After all, hey, it’s her first time! Give her some slack, Brits! Even Sarah Vine, a Brit herself, botched it:

“Suffice to say that beforehand I, like Meghan, was a bundle of nerves. And, like Meghan, I fluffed it. […] So my heart goes out to Meghan. But she shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Like I say, thus far she hasn’t put a foot wrong.”

Well, we can all just sigh a big sigh of relief, because Meghan turned out to be human, after all.

Source: dailymail