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19 Perfect, Satisfying Pics That Will Cure Your Midweek Grumpiness


I can just hear all of you at home shouting “Is it Friday yet?!”

I know exactly what y’all need. You just need a little bit of perfection. A few satisfying photos that will relieve the stress and make you feel right again, and perhaps even prepare you for the incoming weekend.

1. A perfectly round 15.8 carat Ethiopian Round Opal

This perfectly round opal.

Source: Reddit | InnerVisionCrystals

2. Central Park vs. Manhattan, NYC

Central Park vs. Manhattan.

Source: Reddit | Meunderwears

3. Everything is perfectly stacked

Shelving perfection.

Source: Reddit | icsones

4. A container ship’s shadow looks like the skyline of a big city

This container ship cargo.

Source: Reddit | RabbitGuySentMe

5. Amazing cable management

Next-level cable management.

Source: Reddit | NotnertSmailliw

6. A nod to Pink Floyd created using breakfast cereal

Pink Floyd would be proud.

Source: Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

7. An amazing sand castle

The greatest sand castle ever built.

Source: Reddit | GTAModdingRedditor

8. The face on the cover is the face of this lady

Like, I don’t care. It just… is.

Seamless perfection.

Source: Reddit | GallowBoob

9. A topographic image of Hong Kong engraved onto a… roll of duct tape

Someone had a lot of free time.


Source: Reddit | karmabandido

10. Satisfying table design

This perfectly-designed table.

Source: Reddit | adkryan

11. The mallard and swan are both perfectly placed inside the sign


Wait for it...

Source: Reddit | Lit-Up

12. Check out the Jelly Belly factory!

I just want to jump and swim among those jelly beans!

Jelly Belly factory 💗💗💗.

Source: Reddit | solaefive

13. This was actually made with several million different pieces of thread by an extremely patient artist

This crazy rainbow installation.

Source: Reddit | gDisasters

14. The perfect letter “i”

This perfect letter 'i'.

Source: Reddit | coleflumpus

15. A colorful fungi bouquet

A fungi bouquet.

Source: Reddit | thebadallday | Jill Bliss

16. An amazing sunset peeking between these two buildings

This perfectly-framed sunset.

Source: Reddit | GallowBoob

17. A wave overlapping a wave

You’ve probably seen this one before, but it’s just so… satisfying.

 Who knew waves had tongues?

Source: Reddit | imfsfcltj

18. Satisfying pipes

Pipe perfection.

Source: Reddit | driftingfornow

19. A perfect mix of gummy bears and M&M’s

Kudos to whoever did this. You have a lot of patience!

Gummy Bears and M&Ms.

Source: Reddit | NF_
From: diply

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