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20 Satisfying Pictures That Will Leave You Wanting More


Looking at the most ordinary everyday things can be so strangely fulfilling sometimes. Arrangements, patterns, shapes and colors can give life to inanimate objects and satisfy our senses in the weirdest of ways.

The following 20 pictures contain obscene amounts of eye-candy that will leave you wanting more.

1. When the crust is just about right

Look at this perfectly toasted marshmallow. Shiny brown crust and all the juice is still there. Mouthwatering.

 The brown crust on this perfectly toasted marshmallow brought me to my knees.

Source: Reddit | SlimJones123

2. The Japanese face wash that dispenses foam in the shape of a rose.

I bet I can go through a whole box of these in no time. Can’t stop looking.


3. It looks like a toy snake.

This snake decided to make a flawless coil, and it looks so serene in the center. I wouldn’t touch it, though.

I honestly thought this was a cinnamon roll before I saw a close-up version of it. That's a snake in the most satisfying (yet horrifying) coil.

Source: Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

4. “Lining up my tie on the first try,” wrote PhilHist.

The OCD crowd will notice and appreciate, sir.

OK, this one may be unbelievable, but it's still incredibly satsifying. "Lining up my tie on the first try," wrote PhilHist.

Source: Reddit | PhilHist

5. Ceramic carving looks amazing.

Who thought that uncovering layers with a scraper could be so satisfying to watch?


6. This is a Maple Belgian Waffle Cake.

Recipe. You’re welcome.

You can knock a grown man unconscious with this picture. Are you kidding me right now?

Source: Reddit | Emiliovaslord

7. These pots look like they don’t have a single worry.

Calms you down looking at them, doesn’t it?

Notice the reflection on the side of these pots?

Source: Reddit | sidshembekar

8. This one is all too familiar.

You just squeeze it and then flatten it perfectly with something like a pen or a ruler.

Something I have never seen before, but will try to recreate forever now.

Source: Reddit

9. “I was shaking with a box of toothpicks and they arranged like this,” wrote JesseH14.

I just tried this and it wasn’t even close. Trademark this logo, guy.

"I was shaking with a box of toothpicks and they arranged like this," wrote JesseH14.

Source: Reddit | JesseH14

10. Kyoto, Japan, without the power lines in the city.

Someone shopped the power lines out of this picture of Kyoto, and it looks so clean and beautiful.

It's hard to image how the hundreds of cables that surround us in a city can affect its atmosphere.

Source: Reddit | error404error00

11. Dark chocolate chips and raspberries. A perfect fit.

One of the most satisfying treats my eyes have ever witnessed.

Source: Reddit | icametodropbombs

12. Hedgehogs are just the cutest. Look at this adorable ball of spines slipping into a measuring cup. I could watch this all day.


13. That’s a perfect 24/7 on the gas pump.

This doesn’t happen too often, and yes, I want a receipt of that.

Here's something you'll probably never see in your lifetime: a perfect 24/7 on the gas pump.

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

14. Whoever arranged these trees is a legend.

I mean, the center may be too dense to walk through, but this aerial view is just so enjoyable.

This perfectly circular arrangement of trees captured from above. Can you imagine having a cabin right in the middle?

Source: Reddit | WiiUvinate

15. These honeycomb hills are incredible.

I want to break off a chunk so bad! But that would only destroy the sheer perfection.

Just take a moment to appreciate the natural complexity of a honeycomb.

Source: Reddit | CrazyDuck6745

16. Fully peeled pomegranates.

If you like pomegranates, here’s a picture that will make you salivate.

Yep, those are completely peeled pomegranates.

Source: Reddit | FOUND-A-USERNAME

17. “My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle. Amazing,” wrote Rittmeister7.

I just want to climb into the washer and lay down on that.

"My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle. Amazing," wrote Rittmeister7.

Source: Reddit | Rittmeister7

18. This assortment of fungi made by artist Jill Bliss.

Has fungus ever looked so good before?! This natural bouquet of fungi might change the way you think about mushrooms.

Source: Reddit | thebayallday

19. “My shoe impression pattern I did in my Forensics class,” wrote snakeswithhats.

And yes, those are Vans.

"My shoe impression pattern I did in my Forensics class," wrote snakeswithhats.

Source: Reddit | snakeswithhats

20. Glue-gun drips make a satisfying tower.

Reddit said they looked like insect eggs. Can’t argue with that. But they’re so nice to look at.

Why is this random tower of glue globs so satisfying? I want to see an entire forest of these things.

Source: Reddit | pimack

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