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This Is Probably The Most Satisfying Video In The World


Don’t you just love a good cake? I seriously love watching satisfying videos, it doesn’t matter if it’s something that looks perfectly clean and organized or something very yummy. While watching the video below, my whole existence was craving for this cake. It looks beyond delicious.

The point is in the decoration of the cake which contains melted chocolate and different sweets including Oreo too. The YouTube channel called Got Cake? posts a lot of decorating videos and every one of them manages to steal your heart.

satisfying 3

This is a chocolate cake with marshmallows on top chocolate dripping down the side of the birthday cake making it the most satisfying cake video in the world, this will make everyone want a piece of it right now.

satisfying 1

What you really need to do is put some melted chocolate on top and then fill it with your favorite stuff. This definitely inspires me to give it a try!

satisfying 4

If you want to see the process of decorating, then you can simply click down below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Source:Got Cake?

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