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You’re Not Allowed To Do These Things In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

For me, the Middle East always brings the delights of Dubai, the shopping and fast cars to mind. However, there are some other countries which comprise the Middle East region. One of them is Saudi Arabia, a desert country that encompasses the Persian Gulf coast, Arabian peninsular and the Red Sea.


But did you know that there are some strict rules that need to be followed in Saudi Arabia? Read the post below to keep up with us.

Meat Ban

Pork meat is banned here and is considered a sin if you eat it. You can’t find any items containing pork in this country. The other consumable meats should be “Halal” only.


Skin Show

It is inappropriate by law to wear any dress that shows skin. Hijab is mandatory wear among the female population.



You can’t go to the cinema or theater since you can’t find one there. Saudi Arabia frowns upon entertainment of any kind.


Picture Ban

Taking pictures of their place of worship, historical or military units is not advisable. It is actually an offense to do so.


Say No to Alcohol

Alcohol is banned to and if it is found on you, it will land you immediately in jail.


Women drivers

It is against the law of the country to find any woman driving or learning how to drive.


Ban of Porn

It is illegal to circulate such content as sexual photos or videos.


Date Night

It’s forbidden for single men and women to be seen in public, even for a social gathering. Every sort of encounter between men and women is prohibited unless it’s family.


No Selfies

You can’t take pictures in public places either.


Cats and Dogs

There is no selling of pet cats and dogs, also you can’t walk them in public parks. They believe that taking your mutt for an afternoon stroll could threaten society’s moral fabric. They don’t want single men and women meeting to express admiration for each other’s dogs. Wow!


Source: aventuraycia

Freedom of Religion

People who are not Muslims can’t worship other gods or carry other religous symbols. They don’t want the competition and you risk facing the death penalty if you desire to convert from Islam to another religion.


Source: wikinoticia

Unhappy Valentine’s Day

On February 14th red better not be your favorite color. No one can be seen wearing red, or having red roses. The reason is because it’s not an Islamic practice and may lead to people getting other ideas. They discourage any notion of romance and dating among youngsters.


Source: businessinsider

Music lessons in public schools

There is no chance that you can find music in malls or even at public schools. Still a lot of locals teach themselves or hire private tutors to teach piano lessons or other instruments.


Source: imigur

Socializing between women and men

In public places men and women can be mixed only if they’re husband and wife or family members. There is even separate lines for men and women at McDonald’s – this is to avoid social mixing.


Source: relativityonline
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