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14 People Who Are True Savages

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Some people really have it going on. You can never mess with them as they are more than two steps ahead at all times.  You can actually never catch them off guard. In the list below, you have 14 examples – whether they are celebrities, babies or even dogs. Vote for the one who you think is the most savage in the comments down below. Enjoy!

1. Seinfeld


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If you want to give a hug to Seinfeld, Kesha can give you an answer. “Good luck with that.” He’s a straight up savage who doesn’t give a f**k.

2. Robert Kelly


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While giving an interview for the BBC, his children ran out on the camera and it didn’t phase him in the slightest. He continued speaking to the reporter while his wife ran in too and corralled the kids.

3. This Baby


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Usually, children are amazed by everything, except for this baby, she’s suspicious.

4. Prince Philip


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Getting stuck in an elevator could annoy most people except the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. When this happened to him back in the 1958 he reacted by calmly saying:”This could only happen in a technical college.”

5. Richard Branson


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When Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes made a bet, the loser would have to dress up as a flight attendant. This was Branson’s response.

6. Adele


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When you’re Adele, you don’t let a little torential downpour ruin your concert, do you? She accepted a poncho from a fan and continued.

7. Sandra Bullock


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She was a part of All About Steve which is a movie that won the anti-prestigious Golden Raspberry Award. The actors usually don’t show up to accept this in person but she was happy to and also had a speech ready.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch


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While a lot of people say that Benedict Cumberbatch looks like an otter, he showed off how correct they are. Legend!

9. Beyoncé


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During a concert, a fan pulled her offstage into the crowd and when the security tried to throw the guy out they were stopped by Beyonce herself.

10. Grace Kelly


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When Grace Kelly received the Academy Award for Best Actress In The Country Girl, 1995 the host suggested she should give a kiss to Marlon Brano who also won Best Actor. She said that he should give her a kiss.

11. Richard Gere


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When Richard Gere played a poor man in the movie Time Out Of Mind, a woman on the street didn’t recognize him and offered him a snack. He accepted it.

12. George W. Bush


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This guy knows how to dodge a surprise shoe attack.

13. This Dog


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Master: “Okay, boy. Go get the ball.”

[Master pretends to throw the ball.]

Dog: “You honestly think I’d fall for that?”

14. This Cat


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This cat must’ve got hurt in the past and swore “never again.”

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