Savannah Jones Keeps Calm And Collected Amidst Burglary

Savannah Jones Keeps Calm And Collected Amidst Burglary


Not even in her wildest dreams could Savannah Jones, 14, predict what was to happen when she was entrusted to babysit her niece.

She was at home in Montclair, California with her four-year-old niece Zoyee when suddenly she heard someone knocking on the front door.

Savannah decided to not open the door.

Instead, she remained collected and quietly crept up to the peephole through which she saw an unidentified man standing on the porch.

“I was looking at the door and saw the doorknob move,” Savannah told KTLA.

With all of her composure and level-headedness, she came back to where her niece was and they both went to hide in the bathroom.

All the while, Savannah managed not to alarm her niece in the slightest while giving her instructions to be very quiet.

She then texted her mom Maria from the bathroom, describing the situation that they were in.

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During their correspondence, she heard a terrifying sound!

The thief managed to kick the front door and advanced inside the house.

From that point on it was an endurance test for both of them, especially Savannah.

She did not hesitate for a moment and managed to keep the situation under control all the while the thief was rummaging through the house.

“I could hear him going through my mom’s room. He came towards the door where we were hiding and I was just hoping he wouldn’t know that we were in there,” said Savannah.
“I was very scared. Not so much for myself, but Zoyee…” she added.

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Maria Muratalla, Savannah’s mom, decided to immediately contact their neighbor and ushered them to check on the girl and call 911.

“She was very smart and brave,” Yesenia Barragan, Jones’ sister, said for CBSLA. “She did everything right.”

Even though the family is now in the clear, Savannah is battling a range of emotions in the aftermath.

“Relief, and then knowing that he’s still out there, I don’t know, scary,” Jones said.

My positive thoughts are with you, Savannah!


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