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Overweight Woman Started Modeling After Losing 110 Pounds


Angelina Denk is a 24-year-old girl from Germany, who used to weight 260 pounds and was bullied for years as a teenager at school because of it. This inspired her to become the best version of herself and to start a weight-loss journey, which proved very successful. In two years, Angelina lost over 100 pounds and she even thanked her bullies for shaping her into who she is. Now she has a television career and even started modeling. Along the way, she has documented her progress, her workouts, and her weight loss on Instagram that has 11.8k followers to date.

She told POPSUGAR about her weight-loss journey and how she sculpted a gorgeous figure that allows her to be a successful model. “I have lost 110 pounds. Now I’m at 154 pounds and I keep going to get the very best version of myself,” she said. Now Angelina pursues modeling and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

However, it wasn’t always easy for her. Losing weight is no easy task, you need to be dedicated, motivated and to keep working hard. And that’s exactly what Angelina did. She started with CrossFit, a workout she “totally recommends” to anyone who is looking to lose weight and get fit. “Nowadays I also do BodyPump and BodyCombat by Les Mills,” Angelina said. “I work out every second day.”

“I’m into intermittent fasting,” Angelina added. “I’m living to take care of me and my body. Your body is your temple, your home.” By being conscious of what she’s putting into her body every single day, she has achieved that special glow from within and toned up her whole body. Without taking a hold of her diet like this, all those workouts wouldn’t have made much of a difference. “I created a new version of me and it’s been a long way — and it’s a never-ending story.”


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“I’ve never been happier before. I’m so thankful to make a change,” she said.

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