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27 Most Scandalous Dresses In History


Oh, the scandal! Let us entertain you.

Theda Bara, and her 1917 ‘Cleopatra’ dress.

This silent film was censored because of “objectionable costume” and “costume exposing body”. How outrageous!

Jean Harlow, who wore a dress WITHOUT A BRA OMG in 1932.

She was the original blonde bombshell.

Jean Harlow, again in 1933, with her low back dress with crisscrossing straps in the front. She couldn’t sit in it because it was cut too close to her figure.

Rita Hayworth and the lacy silk negligee in 1941.

Where can I get one? This photo is from the cover of LIFE magazine and became “arguably the single most famous and most frequently reproduced American pinup image ever”. More than 5 million copies of the image ended up in the hands of American troops fighting in World War II.

Marilyn Monroe in 1955, but you know this one.

You know everything about it. “Ooh, do you feel the breeze from the subway? Isn’t it delicious?” It’s from “The Seven-Year Itch”, and it was so scalding, it might have broken up the marriage of Marylin and Joe DiMaggio.

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