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Scarlett Johansson Invites The Grandma Who Looks Just Like Her To Her Premiere And That’s Not All


The 32-years-old actress, model and singer Scarlett Johansson has once again filled the celebrity newsfeed. The Lost In Translation star has recently uploaded an interesting video of herself explaining something about a grandma. Apparently, a man’s grandmother looked exactly the same when she was young as Scarlett does now.

Scarlett decided to invite this man’s grandmother to her film premiere. And all her fans are loving this kind act of hers.

Imagine your favorite celebrity inviting you to their film premiere. It does sound dreamy, but this grandma is about to make it happen! She must be so lucky.

Here is the image proving that she looks exactly like Scarlett back in 1967.


The similarities are obvious. Here is how this story developed:

Denver Dodd, from Fort Smith, shared a photo of his grandmother in the 1960s on Reddit. Shortly after, his grandmother got an invitation to Scarlett’s new film premiere. She bothered to invite this grandma personally, via a cute video message. Johansson said she would love to meet the grandma in person at her premiere.


Additionally, Scarlett gets all friendly, saying they’re both ‘just a bunch of partying girls.’ She is obviously dying to meet the older version of herself, the 72-years-old grandma at the premiere of Rough Night. Her video went viral immediately after she posted it.

In order for the whole proposal to succeed, it took around nine days.

Apparently, the grandma had had a few drinks when they took the photo of her, so Johansson is eager to share her tipsy face with her too. She also invited her for a drink at the bar after her premiere. Now that’s an extremely lucky grandma. A premiere plus a drink? Who would say no?

Source:Denver Dodd, unilad

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