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An Interview With Scarlett Johansson’s Personal Trainer

Scarlett Johansson
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Although she is much more than just an action movie star, Scarlett Johansson’s admirers have enjoyed seeing their favorite actress in films like Iron Man, The Avengers and Captain America. With her involvement in the Japanese cyborg blockbuster Ghost in the Shell, the 32-year-old definitely cemented her reputation as one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood.

Of course, this means that her physical form cannot be compromised at any point and she has to stay on top of her fitness all year round. To find out how she manages it and what can one learn from her, Healthista spoke to the man who helped her shape her body in recent years – her former trainer for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers, Bobby Strom. Read up on Storm’s preferred diet, what it takes to get a celebrity body with some invaluable exercise tips in between.


What are your favorite fat-busting and strength exercises?

My favorite fat-busting exercise are sprints! They burn calories and fat while building muscle. Just look at the summer Olympic sprinters, men and women.
My favorite strength-building exercise are pull-ups. Everyone knows they are one of the hardest exercises to do because you have to lift your entire body weight.
All my girls want to be able to do pull-ups, so we train for that starting day one until they can do several on their own without my assistance. You have to have some real strength to do pull-ups.

What ratio of cardio to weights do you advise?

I don’t have a formula for cardio-to-weight training ratio. It depends on what your goal is and what type of results you’re looking to achieve.
Someone looking to lose weight and body fat will do exponentially more cardio than someone looking to build up their physique. What is your most reliable go-to type of exercise for all round fitness?

What is your most reliable go-to type of exercise for all round fitness?

My most reliable all-around exercise for fitness and conditioning is without a doubt swimming. Swimming uses every muscle in the body. Then, on top of that, it’s incredible cardio, giving the heart and lungs an incredible workout.


Bobby Strom puts swimming on top of his list when it comes to fitness and conditioning, as it ‘uses every muscle in the body’


Is a celebrity body achievable and, if so, how?

A celebrity body is usually a short-term goal because they change roles so much and so does their appearance for each.
The ‘how’ is just by making the same commitment any celebrity would make to improve their career. No secret workout or magic pill, just hard consistent work.

What do most of us get wrong when we aren’t seeing results?

Most of what goes wrong when someone is consistently working out will be the nutrition. The nutrition is key to anyone’s success. It can’t be 50 percent – it has to be dialed in at 90 percent or better.
That’s why the celebs get the fast results – because they know their reputation is on the line and millions of people will see them and judge them, so they go the extra effort to obtain it.
The problem was that most didn’t keep it, but that’s now changing and a lot of the celebs are working out full-time. They love how it makes them feel, as well as they love to do some of their own stunts.

Strom says he doesn’t eat meat, dairy, bread or sugar and Scarlett was kept on a similarly strict diet when training for her role as the Black Widow


What would be the one tip you use to keep clients, or yourself, motivated to continue a workout?

Exercise is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth to date. It can take 10 to 15 years off your internal and external health and appearance. That seems to motivate the heck out of women.


What diet do you typically follow?

I personally don’t follow any particular diet plan. For me, it’s always about the don’ts rather than the do’s.
In other words, I don’t eat meat, dairy, bread or sugar. No fast food, no fried food. I do eat fish, complex carbs and lots of vegetables.
I limit my good fats because, in fact, they are still fats, like salmon and avocado. My only cheat is one slice of pizza, very little cheese, when I’m in New York, once or twice a year.

What is the best diet tip you can give people?

I used to say ‘Everything in moderation’. Not anymore! You wouldn’t have ‘a little’ poison, would you?
I now feel that meat, dairy and sugar are like poisons to my body, and I feel so much energy and healthier without them.

This article was originally published by Healthista.


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