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Back To School Heatless Hairstyles


There are so many thing to be careful about at school. You need to have your stuff in order, that is, studying, homework, relationships with people, clubs, reputation, appearance… And can we agree, you guys, that school is not that much about actually learning stuff, but an actual preparation for later in life? It’s school today and work tomorrow (sometimes both), and for both these parts of everyday life, you wanna look good, because you wanna feel good.

This is where hair comes. And it’s an especially attractive part of life when you can do a lot, while spending a little time.

YouTuber Roxxsaurus from England is sharing with us all 15 hairstyles. This 21-year-old beauty is known for uploading DIY’s, makeup and fashion related videos, and she is also an artist/illustrator who shares her work on Tumblr. Losing no time, here are some of the amazing hairstyles she shared with the world:


This one is pretty easy. You make two simple braids in each side and make your way up in the back tying them in a ponytail. Then, you will take two pieces of each side and tuck them into the braids while creating a heart in the tail.

school 1


Next style: Make three braids in the back of your hair, and then twist them around creating three little roses. This one is perfect for school (and everywhere, really) so think about giving it a try.

school 2


Create a small bun at the back of your head and then, on one side make a simple braid. This is so easy and can be made in only 3 minutes.

school 3


Again, create a simple braid on both sides and move them to the back. Then secure them with bobby pins and you will have a braid crown.

school 4


Tie your hair into a ponytail and then to make a fishtail without making it, just twist your hair and use hair elastics. Ta-da!

school 5

To see 10 more easy hairstyles, click right down below and enjoy!


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