Science Explains Why Men Prefer Bigger Boobs

One of the most beautiful parts in our bodies that humans are the most obsessed about are the boobies. This way or another men and women can’t live without thinking about them. You’ll find men staring at women’s breasts while they are talking almost all the time. And on the other hand, women are constantly wondering if their top makes their boobies appear too small, too big or just right. As a matter of fact, we all spend a lot of time, thinking and talking about boobies, regardless of the way you look at them, reports Auntyacid.


Of course, women have all the right to be obsessed with their boobies and the way they look, since they are part of their bodies. But, what does this mean for men? There are a lot of men who are beyond obsessed with boobs that identify themselves as ‘breast men.’ A lot of guys out there who seem to look at women and immediately direct their attention to their boobs.


Well, we aren’t claiming that all the men are the same. They all have different preferences when it comes to the size of the female’s breasts.


Some men want smaller boobies and some bigger,  however, there are a plethora of men who want big boobs. A lot of men are attracted to women with big breasts. It is nothing new, but we don’t seem to understand the reason why.


According to some scientific studies, the reason why men prefer big breasts is all down to biology, with one scientific study performed in 1968 specifically marking this as a reason for the attraction. We don’t seem to understand why different men prefer the same thing. Another study, that takes the psychology of men into account, shows that there is definitely more to it than just a biological urge.


So, the reason why men are attracted to women with big breasts is related to, believe it or not, money. We all want to have more money, but what does that have to do with men preference for bigger boobies? Let’s see what science has to say about this issue.


Viren Swami and Martin Tovée performed a study that has been published in Psychology Today, linking the money and size of the boobs together. The study surveyed 266 men from different socioeconomic groups who were analyzed how they really felt about breast size. The data that they got was compared to the financial status of the men, and the results surprised many women.

When analyzing the results of the study, Swami and Tovée realized that there is a connection between men’s preference for big breasts and their socioeconomic status. Men who had less fortunate financial situations preferred women with big breasts, while men who were financially stable were more likely to be attracted to women with smaller boobs.


Another study analyzed this concept from another point of view.  It looked at 58 college students who had recently eaten and 66 other students who were hungry. All of the students were shown pictures of different sizes of breasts. Believe it or not, the hungry students preferred women with bigger breasts, while those who had eaten with smaller breasts.


Where is the correlation with these two studies, though? According to Psychology Today the results of these studies are down to something called ‘resource insecurity’. Or, in other words, the men in question lack in resources and when they look at women with bigger breasts they see a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources”.


And, what about fertility? Does it link with men’s preference for big breasts? Let’s see what another study showed.


It seems there is a connection between the two, according to this final study. 67 college aged men were asked to fill in a form and answer whether they like children or not. After that, they were supposed to draw the ideal size of breast according to them. You would be surprised by the results.


Believe it or not, men who wanted children opted to draw bigger breasts, whereas men who didn’t want children opted to draw smaller breasts. This links to the idea that women with bigger breasts signal their fertility.


Well, there you go, science has proven why men are attracted to women with bigger breasts. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every man since there are some men who like boobies of all sizes and shapes. After all, men aren’t all the same.

Source: auntyacid