The Science Behind The Superstition: 8 Pregnancy Myths Actually Rooted In Facts

There are many old wives’ tales that people still believe in to this day, no matter how ridiculous they may sound to our modern-day, scientifically-inclined ears. We have previously shed light on a few such superstitions which are complete and utter balderdash, but as it turns out there are some that actually make some sense from a scientific point of view.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: science backing up superstition instead of disproving it? It seems strange, but there you go… Momjunction has found 8 myths that actually kinda check out and they’re all pregnancy-related. As if there weren’t enough things expectant mothers should keep an eye on, they now have to be wary of cats… Just read on, everything will become clear. Probably.

1. Petting cats will give your baby a lot of enemies


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Apparently, the key to interpreting these old wives’ tales is to not take them literally. It’s not that your kid will have a lot of human enemies later in life, it’s that it could become infected with a parasite called toxoplasma, for which cats are common carriers. Who would’ve thought our ancestors were well acquainted with microscopic parasites? But it needs to be pointed out that you cannot get toxoplasmosis by petting a cat – you’d have to come in contact with an infected cat’s poop for that.

2. Don’t sit on a doorstep or evil spirits will take your baby away


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Again, read between the lines: a doorstep is a pretty drafty area and that can’t be good for your health! This could weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to various diseases, and it could even cause you aches and pains in the waist area. So avoid doorsteps even if you’re not pregnant!

3. Eating red fruits will give your baby rosy cheeks


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All red fruits, including strawberries, are a source of folic acid, a necessary chemical that lessens the risk of birth defects and anemia in the little one by helping the production of red blood cells.

4. Watching scary movies will produce an ugly baby


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With their hormones raging, it’s understandable that pregnant ladies tend to be more on the sensitive side. The disclaimers at the beginning of the movies are put there for a reason: scary movies can cause you a lot of stress, and stress can lead to a blood flow disorder. So just wait until you give birth before catching up on the latest horror flicks.

5. Don’t sit with your legs crossed, or your baby might be clubfooted


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Sitting cross-legged is not recommended no matter whether you’re pregnant or not, mostly because it has a negative impact on your back, pelvis, and hips and it leads to bad posture. But it can also cause blood circulation problems and varicose veins. So just find another position to get comfy in.

6. Your baby might choke if you sleep on your back


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Sleeping on your back, especially in the last trimester, could cause clamping of your vena cava, the vein that carries the deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body to the heart. Regularly sleeping in this position may lead you to experience lack of oxygen, weakness, and dizziness, and it might cause the baby to develop hypoxia.

7. Hanging out clothes might tangle the baby in the umbilical cord


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Now, this has nothing to do with the clothes, it’s about lifting both arms. Doing this for a short time will have no ill effects. However, prolonged practice may lead to increasing the tonus of the uterus, which could be dangerous for a pregnant lady.

8. Taking a bath is prohibited as it washes out all of the baby’s power


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Long hot baths are just amazing! But you might have to do without while you’re pregnant, especially in the earlier months, as overheating could potentially lead to a miscarriage.

All of these old wives’ tales do sound ridiculous and even insane at first, but you just can’t overlook them when there is science involved. Better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the health of your baby.

Have you heard of any other pregnancy myths that might be rooted in facts? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Momjunction