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Scientists Reveal How Often You Should Wash Your Towels


You’ve probably had this question on your mind at least a thousand times. When is it the right time to wash your towels? You keep thinking that you can get away with it for at least one more day. But are you right or are you actually harming yourself by holding out for a day or two longer? According to microbiologist Phillip Tierno of New York University School of Medicine, even a few days can be considered far too long for washing your towels.


You better start thinking about the last time you washed your dirty towels, because you might not be one of the cleanest people on this planet. As Phillip Tierno says, bath towels should be washed after every three uses. This basically means that you should wash them every three days! But, what happens if you don’t? well, you risk your damp towels becoming riddled with microbes. And that is a truly mortifying thought.


Yes, microbes are those tiny living organisms that we can’t see, including bacteria and fungus. Microbes grow best when they are in moist and damp conditions, so your damp towel is pretty much a breeding ground for the little critters!

It is the truth that we are all covered in microbes and they are inescapable, but in excess. they can be the trigger for a number of skin issues.. Acnes, boils, and various types of infections can be quite common. Another important note to remember is that microbes multiply a whole lot more when you share your towels with somebody else. So, if you have roommates, you’re not doing them a favour by lending your towel.

There are some ways to check if your towels are covered in microbes. A towel that’s in good need of wash has a bad smell, because they lock in moisture pretty quickly.

‘If there is odor coming from your towel’ says Tierno, ‘wherever there is odour, there are microbes growing so the towel should be washed.’

The 3 use rule only applies if your towel gets completely dried after each time you use it. If you leave your towel folded up with all the moisture, the microbes will grow even quicker.


It often happens that you wash a towel, but the odor still remains. There are certain things you can do to prevent that. Use  vinegar instead of fabric softner, because fabric softner residue traps odor, whereas vinegar strips it. Then, wash the towel again with a regular detergent, and make sure to dry it as quickly as possible.

Whenever you are sick, you should wash your towels after every single use.

Also, face towels should be washed after every single use if you don’t want to reintroduce bacteria into your pores, according to dermatologists.




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