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Sixteen Kids Who Took Scissors In Their Own Hands And Gave Themselves A New Hairstyle


Did you know there was a fourth Newton’s law of motion? It says that the better you think you’ve hidden a pair of scissors, the more likely it is your kid will find them and give themselves an impromptu haircut. You can childproof your home all you want, but the truth of the matter is young children will somehow still manage to find a pair of scissors while unattended.


Giving yourself a bizarre haircut seems almost like a rite of passage for a child, perhaps driven by a need to prove that they too, can perform the tasks that the grown-ups perform. The aftermath, of course, makes for a hilarious entry in the family album and perhaps some blushes down the road when the childhood pics are shown to future significant others.

Here are sixteen kids who couldn’t control the hairstylist inside them; (un)fortunately it was the one of the military barber types, instead of the classy, hair salon expert from a gentrified neighborhood.

1. A reverse mohawk for the ages


Source:Imgur / snipandclip

2. Impatient with those slow-growing bangs


Sourc e:Reddit /u/ jennthemermaid

3. According to this boy’s mom, he actually wanted to look like his father

“He wanted his hair to match his daddy’s,” Natalie LeBaron wrote on Facebook. “I found him in the playroom with my peanut trimmers cutting off all his pretty red hair!”


4. “Quite a parting you got there”


5. Ready to be cast for The Wall movie

“My son Jackson (6yrs old) shaved his eyebrow right before picture day with his dad’s nose hair trimmers,” Kelly Keefe-Taylor wrote on Facebook.


6. Erica Robinson shared this picture of her brother’s DIY hairstyling attempts

“When your 5-year-old brother cut his own hair because he said he wants to look crispy for the girls,” the sister wrote.


Source:Twitter / @ericarobinson_

7. When remorse kicks in


8. “We’re in this together”


9. Happy & excited

Jennifer Dominguez recalled her experience on Facebook, writing, “We get home, I go into the kitchen to finish cooking dinner about 5 mins later he comes downstairs so happy and excited and exclaims, ‘Mom, do you like my nice new hair cut?’ I almost had a heart attack.”


10. “Of course I went to the top, where would you suggest beginning?!”


Source:Imgur / CastianaSahal

11. Always hide the buzzer after you’re done

The boy’s mother shared: “My husband had trimmed his beard and left the buzzers on the bathroom sink! Big mistake!!”


Source:Instagram / @amorales1516

12. The boy who has a love-hate relationship with his gingerness


Source:Alaska New Zealand

13. Crisis management time


Source:Laelia Sky

14. His father and brother are right!

“His older brother thought this was funny,” the dad wrote on Reddit alongside theis picture. “His father does too!”


Source:Reddit /u/ evil__bob

15. Caillou’s biggest fan

“My daughter gave herself this haircut last week,” Stephanie Klindt Cook wrote on Facebook. “I about died. She proudly declared that she cut it like Caillou.”


16. Regret? Why?!

“My kid decided to trim his eyebrows. When he cut them too short he decided to cut hair from his head and glue it to his eyebrows. He immediately regretted his decision,” one dad wrote on Reddit.


Source:Reddit /u/ leeto86

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