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Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Welcomed Their Second Daughter, August


It’s time for some big news. Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan gave birth this month to their second daughter, so they decided to call her August. The Facebook CEO shared the news on Monday with an open letter and a touching picture of the family.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter August! We wrote her a letter about the world we hope she grows up in, and also hoping she doesn’t grow up too fast.”


The couple already have a daughter named Max and the billionaire added that the parents first had written a letter to Max when she was born about the world they hoped she would grow up in.

“But rather than write about growing up, we want to talk about childhood. The world can be a serious place. That’s why it’s important to make time to go outside and play,” Zuckerberg wrote in his letter to August.

“You will be busy when you’re older, so I hope you take time to smell all the flowers and put all the leaves you want in your bucket now. I hope you read your favorite Dr. Seuss books so many times you start inventing your own stories about the Vipper of Vipp.

“I hope you ride the carousel with Max until you’ve tamed every color horse. I hope you run as many laps around our living room and yard as you want.


“And then I hope you take a lot of naps. I hope you’re a great sleeper. And I hope even in your dreams you can feel how much we love you.

“Childhood is magical. You only get to be a child once, so don’t spend it worrying too much about the future. You’ve got us for that, and we’ll do everything we possibly can to make sure the world is a better place for you and all children in your generation.

“August, we love you so much and we’re so excited to go on this adventure with you. We wish you a life of joy, love and the same hope you give us.”

The couple announced they were expecting their second child way back in March.

The CEO said he would be taking advantage of Facebook’s option to take leave in parts.

“I’ll take a month off to be with Priscilla and the girls at the beginning, and then we’ll spend the whole month of December together as well,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post.


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