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Secret to Eternal Youth Discovered By Celebs

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When someone mentions how young does celebrities look, the first thing we think of is plastic surgery. Being in the public eye makes many famous people focus on what they look like. But, not all of them go under the knife, plenty stay youthful through a combination of diet and exercise.

A clean-living approach is a popular way to stay looking young amongst this group of celebs. Jared Leto’s vegan, hiking lifestyle has meant he’s defied science and remained incredibly youthful. Ellen DeGeneres also credits her vegan diet and daily yoga program as two of the reasons behind her youthful appearance. The talk show host also keeps things simple in the skincare department, simply washing her face and moisturizing. Pharrell Williams had a similar answer when asked how he stays looking so young. Some of them were forced by illness to stay fit and healthy, like Halle Berry who was diagnosed with diabetes in her early years.

You’ll be shocked when you discover the real ages of these 10 celebrities who look much younger than they really are. Start taking notes as we reveal how they stay in shape and look great.


Featured Image Credit: Joe Seer /

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