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Secret Messages In Famous Logos You Didn’t Know


Have you ever thought what really makes a logo great? How do you know that it is just right? Is it the colors, or maybe the shapes? Or could it be something on a whole different level, that’s hidden from plain sight?

We are going to talk about the logos that we have seen many times, but we  didn’t pay a lot of attention to guess what they really mean. Below we are going to see 10 secret messages hidden in famous logos. Enjoy!

#1 Toyota

This one is so cool, because as you can see it includes every letter of the company’s name.



#2 Toblerone

As we all know, the famous “Toblerone” chocolates come from Switzerland. Not only does it have Bern in the name, but also a silhouette inside the mountain logo. Have you ever noticed before?



#3 Tour De France


Source:Tour de France

#4 Fedex

What you didn’t notice at “FedEx”  is they hid a small arrow between letters E and x, which represents the forward momentum and efficiency. Very meaningful.



#5 Beats

The letter B in the red circle shows a person wearing Beats headphones. Look closely at it and you’ll see.



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