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12 Secrets That Most Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know

12 Secrets That Most Mechanics Don't Want You To Know

Maintaining your car is a tough job sometimes. Some light damages can be fixed with a bit of duct tape and perhaps even some WD40, but when the damages are a bit too heavy for you to get dirty, you have to take it to your mechanic.

However, there are tons of secrets that mechanics don’t share with their customers. Today is your lucky day, though, because Providr has compiled the list of the biggest ones. If your mechanic has done these things to you, it’s time for a change, I’m afraid…

1. Scare tactics

Some mechanics will say that for the low price of $4000, they’ll fix your car from exploding once winter tires have been put on. That’s an immediate red flag.

 Some mechanics use scare tactics. If you go in for some winter tires and he tells you that for the low, low price of $4,000 he can stop your car from exploding, that’s a red flag.

2. An oil change is required every 5,000 miles

In the worst cases, make it 3,000.

In normal conditions, you need an oil change every 5,000 miles. In more severe driving conditions you should change your oil every 3,000.

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3. Check for certification (particularly ASE)

They won’t be embarrassed to display any achievements so if your mechanic can’t show you any, it’s a cause for concern.

 Check for certification (particularly ASE). They won’t be embarrassed to display any achievements so if your mechanic can’t show you any, it’s a cause for concern.


4. Don’t leave the garage without understanding everything

They’ll use their terminology that you might not be familiar with, so make sure you familiarize yourself with your car’s issues properly before you leave the mechanic to do their thing.

 Don’t leave without getting all the information you need. They may understand their terminology and tell you everything’s cool but make sure you know what they mean.

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5. Don’t be shy to get a second opinion from another mechanic

Just don’t spill the beans to your current one.

 Don’t feel bad about getting a second opinion. Just remember that if you do, don’t disclose what the other guy told you to the new guy.

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6. Mechanics will do anything to get a little bit of cash from you

This can extend to fluid flushing, so if they’re charging a bit too much, have a flip through your vehicle’s instruction manual and do it yourself!

 At the end of the day, a mechanic is trying to sell you on whatever they can because they work on commission. Fluid flushes are an easy thing to try and sell but if they ever tell you that you need one, you’re better off to stick to your vehicle’s auto manual.

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7. How much they charge vs. how much they should

Compare and contrast and if the prices are a bit higher than what they should be, you might want to stay away.

There are guides that outline what you should be getting charged versus what you are getting charged.

8. Your mechanic’s garage needs to be 100% clean

If it looks like a chop shop, find a different place.

 Garages need to be clean. If your mechanic’s place looks like a dump, pick somewhere else.

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9. Mechanics that offer to do additional work

These can be a bit sneaky, so ask them how long it will take as they might charge extra the longer your car is there.

Be careful of mechanics who offer to do additional work. Ask them how long it’ll take because you’ll be charged the longer you stay there in some cases.

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10. Always be sure to ask for brake job estimates

 Ask for brake job estimates. Obviously, not all brakes are the same and only the cheaper mechanics will skimp on parts in such an important area of the car.

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11. Ask the mechanic to give the old parts back to you

This way, you know your payment was justified and you didn’t just spend your hard-earned cash on nothing.

Ask for your old parts back to ensure that they were actually changed as opposed to you being charged for literally nothing.

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12. Get to know your car

Sneakier mechanics can smell a rookie from a mile away and can easily fool them, so get familiar with your car so that they can’t pull a fast one on you.

Get to know your car. Even if you learn just a little bit you’ll be better at fending off the shady mechanics. The dishonest ones can see rookies coming from a mile away so it’s best to know your stuff.

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