The 15 Most Seductive Redheads Of The Silver Screen

The 15 Most Seductive Redheads Of The Silver Screen

Redheads have always been mysterious looking gals who attract everyone’s attention in an instant upon stepping in the room!
Their fiery locks and usually pale complexion have been the reason for many obsessive men and women around the globe.
Here are several actresses whose red hair is their staple look.

1. Lindsay Lohan

I am starting this list with the baddest of them all, the one and only, Lindsay Lohan. Even though we have seen her as a blonde and brunette as well, red hair and freckles really are her best look!


2. Emma Stone

Little did I know that Emma Stone is originally blonde. However, she is a redhead 89% of the time.


3. Christina Hendricks

I learned of this goddess right here when I first started following the TV series Mad Men back in 2007. She is the most gorgeous woman to have ever graced our screens!


4. Kate Mara

Kate Mara came to recognition when she starred as Zoe Barnes in the Netflix political drama House of Cards.


5. Bella Thorne

Despite of being known as CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, she is also a heart-breaker extraordinaire.


6. Ellie Kemper

This girl right here I love to bits. I first came to know of her extraordinary acting abilities as Erin Hannon in the NBC series The Office! Her character first appeared in season 5 and it was hilarious!


7. Debra Messing

She graced the screen on Will & Grace and we loved her!

8. Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a Hollywood A-lister, who won two Golden Globe Awards!

9. Bryce Dallas Howard

Little do people know that Bryce Dallas Howard was discovered by starting out on Broadway as Shakespearean actress!


10. Holland Roden

Holland Roden is an American teen darling known for her portrayal as Lydia Martin in MTV’s teen drama Teen Wolf.


11. Deborah Ann Woll

Debbie first came to recognition in the HBO drama series True Blood. And she was excellent at it!


12. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is an Australian actress born to Scottish parents. This is probably where she got her red locks from.


13. Jayma Mays

You might remember Jayma from the Fox musical series Glee!


14. Jessica Chastain

People mix Any Adams and Jessica Chastain a lot! She is one more actress having her debut in the theatre as a Shakespearean actress! She first debuted as Julia back in 1998!


15. Julianne Moore

The last thing I saw Julianne Moore in was probably Tom Ford’s A Single Man feature. She was an absolute stunner! It looks like this woman never ages!



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