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Have You See A Woman Wearing A Ring On Her Pinky Finger?

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Have you seen friends on Facebook and Instagram and all over other social medias, posting pics of amazing diamond engagement rings captioned ‘He asked, I said yes’, ‘She said yes’ blah blah blah? Well if you are a millennial this might be the typical scenario on your Facebook timeline.

However, there is something else you might also have spotted lately. Pics of women wearing rings on their pinky finger! No matter how strange it might seem at first sight, this trend has a very strong symbolism hiding behind it.

If you wonder what it means – here is the explanation. This trend shows women who have taken control of their own happiness and simply want to show the world they don’t need a man to buy them a ring.

No doubt that getting engaged when you find the love of your life is a wonderful thing, but this trend is carrying the message that there are other ways to be happy too.

These rings symbolize a new trend of single and happy women. They are made of white sapphire and come in sterling silver for $150 or yellow, white or rose gold for $325.

The aim of these rings is to show that you are happy, even if you aren’t engaged yet or you don’t want ever to get married. Nobody should be deprived of love!

The main idea behind the pinky finger ring is actually drawing attention to self-love. No matter if you are single, married, or engaged, the most important thing is to love yourself.

The rings are called ‘Self Love Pinky Rings’ suggesting the very idea of self-love. They were created by an L.A based jeweler ‘Fred and Far’, who has taken the idea of ring wearing to a whole new level. The rings come with a contract that states ‘I [insert name] pinky promise to honor myself, to choose myself, and to remember myself on a daily basis.’ Since this ring is from you and for you, you sign an agreement promising to love yourself unconditionally.

If you embrace this inspiring idea, it might be about time to start showing yourself some self-love. Ring or no ring!

Source: providr

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