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Selena Gomez Is Better Without Her Ex In Her New Song “It Ain’t Me”

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 The American actress and singer Selena Gomez recently released a new song collaboration with the Norwegian producer Kygo. According to the lyrics, she infers that the singer has a lot more time on her hands now that she’s let go of someone who was very important to her for a long time. It’s an ode to an Ex-.
Selena Gomez
Editorial credit: JStone / Shutterstock, Inc.
The song is called “It Ain’t Me”, and it has a warm, bouncy tune where she celebrates her newfound independence. But can you guess who is the singer dedicating this to? From who is she ready to let go ?
Even though the 24-year-old doesn’t mention anyone, we already have some clues. They were together when she was 17 and she tells him,

“You were staying out all night / And I had enough.” Hmmm.

We know that the singer was previously dating Justin Bieber and that the breakup wasn’t quite so clean.

“Who’s waking up to drive you home when you’re drunk and all alone?” Gomez sings. “It ain’t me.”

Selena recently has been dating The Weeknd and their relationship has been quite public since the paparazzi caught them a few times together. Bieber mocked The Weeknd’s music while The Weeknd might’ve insulted Bieber’s sex skills on a verse in Nav’s new song, “Some Way.”

The boys can have their drama, so let’s get more focused on her new single which you can listen to down below.

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