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Is The Weeknd Having Problems With Selena Gomez Already?


Even though we all admit that Selena Gomez and The Weekend are the picture perfect and relationship goals, it looks like Abel is still worried about one thing for the Latina beauty.


Are the pair having trouble in paradise? Well, they are humans and everyone has imperfections just like us. The issues that are currently worrying the couple tackle their musical talent. So there’s no need to think the worst that could happen.


The 24-year-old singer has gone to a lot of his shows to support her boyrfriend. “Having Selena at so many of his shows is awesome, but he would be happy if she didn’t go to so many because he doesn’t want her to get sick of his music,” a source claims.


“Abel loves seeing Selena immediately after a show in the dressing room,” the source continues. “It’s comforting, but he always suggests that maybe she’d have more fun shopping or hanging out with friends than seeing the same show over and over.”


The 27-year-old “Starboy” singer wants her best interest.  “He just wants to make sure she’s always having a good time — whether it’s at his show or doing something else for the night,” the source continued.


Recently, Selena took her cousin Priscilla and her nephew Aiden to one of his concerts where they had an amazing time. The two girls shared pictures on Instagram too with a mirror selfie before the concert.

I don’t think that Selena will get tired of his music, when there’s so much love involved. It’s nice to be in a relationship with someone who’s work you enjoy.

So, worry not, Abel 😉



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