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Selena Gomez Shows Support For Demi Lovato’s New Documentary


Demi Lovato, 25, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her fans recently received a valuable present from her. On Tuesday, October 17th, she released her truly intensive personal documentary, called Simply complicated. It’s a documentary about the ups and downs she has had during her career and how everything unfolded. Bold and brave, Demi chooses this way to share the story about her intimate and intensively difficult part of her life.

This deeply raw and captivating documentary didn’t leave anyone indifferent, especially her fans. She fearlessly opened up, crushing down all of her walls. In it, the singer discloses her most private struggles, balling depression, starting sober and about her experience as a bullied child in high school. Furthermore, she talks about her eating and bipolar disorders. Have you watched it yet? Visit YouTube right away. It’s been streaming there since Tuesday.

When interviewed for Teen Vogue, Demi explained why she chose to make this documentary: “There weren’t a lot of young pop stars…talking about their issues, and I wanted (to be) someone that my little sister could look up to. I wanted to be the role model that I needed growing up.”
We certainly wish there were more pop stars like her, raising awareness of issues that matter.

The singer’s Instagram post was flooded with comments and support from everyone.  The comment of her longtime friend Selena Gomez, also a successful singer, didn’t go unnoticed by fans. She expressed her support by writing:

“This was beautiful. I’m so happy for you. You always continue to be bold and real. I wish more people were like you.” She then added another comment, saying, “Love you.”

Everyone deserves a friend like this.


Of course, fans started shipping them together. They even got an adorable shipping name: Semi.


Their Friendship

Selena and Demi have been there for each other and their relationship has thrived for over a decade. Selena’s unsurprising show of affection and support has proven that. It is so clear from their tweets and Instagram comments there are many more years of a true and supportive relationship to come.

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Source: teenvogue

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