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Selena Transformations – 10 People Who Nailed It



Words cannot describe the tragedy of losing an artist like Selena Quintanilla. Instead of living with her new music every day, the world now has to live with the memory of her exceptional talent and find inspiration in everything she did throughout her unfortunately short life.

It’s been 21 years (can you believe it?) since she passed away, but her presence is still felt. In 2015, fans created a petition hoping to get MAC Cosmetics to make a makeup line inspired by her. And now, their wish has finally come true. The hype is insane because who doesn’t want a Selena makeup line?

Now that it’s out, people are inspired to get the Selena look – the winged eyeliner, the red lips, the iconic big hair…

Selena’s sister, Suzette played a major role in the makeup line design, choosing colors that she thought Selena would have loved.


Source: via Reuters / Landov / Billboard


Below is a picture of the makeup line. Yes, of course there’s red lipstick inside, duh.


Source: via Instagram / @sazanhendrix


Just check out those lines in front of the store. People went crazy.


Source: via Instagram / @aribeaux

Here are 10 people that transformed themselves in honor of Selena!

1. The Updo

The resemblance! Selena loved dramatic updos.


Source: via Instagram / @brigitteberlinmua

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