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The Weeknd Makes Things Official With Selena Gomes After Posting This Picture On Instagram


It’s definitive. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd made their relationship official on Instagram, shutting out all the rumors that were circulating recently.

The pair has been dating since January and now the “Starboy” singer – real name Abel Tesfaye has taken things to another level by surprising everyone and letting us know how serious he is about Selena, 24.

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The two-time grammy winner posted a picture of her hugging him as she kissed his cheek and didn’t add a caption. I guess the image speaks for itself.

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The picture comes right after it is supposed that Selena has been given the seal of approval by The Weeknd’s mother and grandmother. They liked her a lot!

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The ‘Come and Get It’ hitmaker  visited Toronto with her boyfriend recently and he took the opportunity to introduce the beautiful brunette to his loved ones.

A close source said: “He was thrilled for Selena to meet his family. They instantly took to Selena and they like her very much. They thought she was surprisingly down-to-earth and very friendly.”

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The 27-year-old singer was thrilled that she had a good time on the trip.

The insider also claims that: “Abel also wanted to make sure Selena was able to relax in Toronto, as he’s always wanted to have a home there.”

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“She proved to him that she can hang, deal with cold weather, relax, the whole thing. He loves her glamorous side but this Selena is the one who sealed the deal.”

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Recently, The Weeknd hosted a party for his friend and of course that Selena was there. Some say that the two were too “affectionate” with each other and later on the party was interrupted by the police. We don’t really know the reasons why since when it comes to police, celebrities manage to keep things very closed.


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