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A Selfie Taken Seconds After A C-Section Birth Stirs Controversy


There is nothing giving birth can be compared to in terms of what’s at stake, but there is no doubt that the arrival of one’s child overshadows any pain or discomfort.

This has been proven again by Brazilian fashion businesswoman Thaise De Mari who gave birth to a healthy daughter back in December, while her husband documented the first seconds of the little girl’s life on camera. The baby was delivered with a C-section surgery, but the happy mother did not mind and was grinning widely even before the procedure was finished.

The photo has become a sensation being liked more than 31,000 times since the happy mom shared it with her 232,000 Instagram followers.

However, the couple also faced considerable online criticism, when Thaise was accused of faking the popular photo in order to increase her popularity.

The young mom, however, has hit back at critics wondering why should she be forbidden to laugh during the happiest moments of her life, while promising to continue smiling even at the rude comments aimed at her. She also thanked everyone who showed support and understanding.


The new post which was accompanied by the original controversial photo, has been liked more than 17,000 times in one day.

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Taken just moments after the child was removed from her womb, fashionista Thaise De Mari was too happy to care about the surgical knife still operating


The baby girl was born on the 9th of December, 2016


The baby, delivered with a C-section, is named Carmel


One Instagram user commented: ‘What a beautiful picture! Bless the whole family, may Carmel bring much more light into your lives’


In May 2013, Thaise started an online fashion business under the name IT Store


Thaise’s post has also attracted criticism by some quarters who claimed it was attention-seeking


Some Instagram users even accused the young mother of faking the popular picture


The fashionista has shared the shot one more time, reaffirming its authenticity and thanking everyone who took time to comment


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