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Khloe Kardashian Finds Herself In Hot Water After Posting A Selfie On Instagram


One thing’s for sure, 2017 hasn’t been the best year for the Kardashians. The famous family found itself often in really hot water more that once and it’s only May. Over the last several months, the PR machine has turned in the wrong direction for the sisters.

First and most noticeably was the Pepsi advert featuring Kendall Jenner who apparently had a insensitive message judging by others. The commercial starts with Kendall leaving a photo shoot to join a protest movement and offers a can of Pepsi to the officers. The commercial draws some alarming parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement. Soon as the officer opens the Pepsi he gets a huge applause from the protesters.


The ultra-famous Kim Kardashian lost 100,000 followers online after pictures of her un-airbrushed butt on a vacation leaked. She left her fans believing that she has been airbrushing her Insta pics for years now.

The third sister Khloe has found herself in hot water because of a photograph she posted on her Instagram account. She is being sued by Xposure Photos for sharing an unlicensed picture which was captured by Manuel Munoz. The photo was posted in September 2016 not considering the fact that the picture was licensed to the Daily Mail.

Xposure is seeking $150,000 for “wilful, intentional and malicious” copyright infringement.


The lawsuit states;

“Kardashian’s Instagram post made the photograph immediately available to her nearly 67 million followers and others, consumers of entertainment news – and especially news and images of Kardashian herself, as evidenced by their status as followers of Kardashian – who would otherwise be interested in viewing licensed versions of the photograph in the magazines and newspapers that are plaintiff’s customers.”



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