Serena Williams’ Daughter Alexis Pumps Her Fist In Adorable Snap

She is only three-and-a-half month old and already a gym lover! Thirty-six-year-old tennis player Serena Williams’s daughter Alexis looks adorable, pumping her fist in a playful Instagram snap. She seems ready to train for the US Open already! Serena shared this picture on her private Instagram profile where more than 160,000 fans follow her.

“Dad & I hit the gym hard today,” read the photo’s caption.
In the snap, little Alexis seems to be in a punching mood as if she were training for the ring. The little cutie wore an Aztec-print top and a comfortable pair of trousers, resting in her father’s arm.

In December last year, Serena became engaged to Alexis Sr., who is the co-founder of Reddit. In April, the player announced on Snapchat she was pregnant. Apparently, she did it by accident.

On 1 September, she welcomed her daughter Alexis and got married to Alexis Ohanian on 17 November.


The couple celebrated their wedding in New Orleans.

When Serena was only two months pregnant with her daughter, she beat fellow Olympian and sister, Venus, in this year’s Open.
In an Instagram post, she may have dropped a hint that she is returning to the tennis court.
“Be excited. Be very excited….,” she said, wearing gold and white Nike pumps.


This is not the first time Serena shows off her little one on Instagram and Snapchat. She loves to show her already-fashionable daughter on the social media apps. Once, Alexis was seen wearing a leopard print dress. Serena explained that her husband wants to buy their daughter cute outfits as well as many toys. It seems like he already wants to pamper their little one. It’s only fair because she is beyond adorable in all of the outfits that he chooses for her!

Here‘s the adorable Alexis in another post by Serena.

Source: Diply