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Her Husbands Hands Her Divorce Papers But He Will Regret It After Her 3-Month Makeover


The Swan was a 2004 American reality TV show broadcast on Fox. Women who were judged to be ugly went through major makeovers including plastic surgeries to radically alter their bodies and face. The transformations last three months and when the episode was aired, they saw themselves for the first time.

Not everyone agreed with the angle of the show. It put a lot of weight on appearance. However, the team of experts that included therapists too helped these women feel better about themselves who also had emotional issues. Many of their participants lacked confidence in their normal lives. They saw the show as a route to make drastic changes in their lives.

Army Captain Delisa Stiles was a candidate on the show. She was having a hard time after her and her husband separated. He made her feel physically and emotionally undesirable. While she was being ‘transformed’, her husband handed her divorce papers.

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Of course, this made her time on the show more difficult, but I guess the producers loved it. Now, they had a real human heartbreak to boost ratings. The shows top therapists and experts supported Delisa throughout the show. Watching the big reveal you can see that she is a stronger and more confident.

Speaking to the NY Daily News, she said “To me, it was the ultimate challenge,” she said. “The physical change was a wonderful aspect of the program, but it was the whole program that appealed to me. I had a trainer, who worked with me two or three days a week. I had NutriSystem diet. I had therapy. I had a life coach.

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She also got a brow-lift, lower-eye-lift, midface lift, fat transfer to lips and cheek folds, tummy tuck, breast-lift and liposuction of her inner thighs, she told the NY Daily News.

No Regrets

However ethically questionable the show might be, she knew what she was getting herself into. It was a tough time in her life, but now she has the confidence and the look to start over. We certainly wish her the best.

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Her beautiful personality should have been enough for him, but now she will finally be confident to step outside and find the real love of her life.

Moreover, Stiles won the “The Swan” tiara and more than $300,000 in cash. Executive Producer, Nely Galan said that she worked the hardest after suffering the end of her marriage, and totally deserved the prize.

Prejudice aside, have a look and see what you think of the transformation.

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