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Sesame Street Parodies Orange Is The New Black, And It’s A Little Bit Strange


Orange is The New Black is just one of those Netflix series that you can’t help but love. We’ve talked about it before, and we’ve talked about Taylor Schilling (the main character Piper) and Ruby Rose in the past, but did you know that this highly-popular series is now getting parodied by none other than… Sesame Street?

Sesame Street Parodies Orange Is The New Black, And It's A Little Bit Strange 1

Yep, the popular G-rated children’s show is now recreating the prison inmate-themed drama, and has cannily called it “Orange is The New Snack”

Just some of the various topics covered in the show include drug use and addiction, transphobia, murder, and mental health issues.

Sesame Street Parodies Orange Is The New Black, And It's A Little Bit Strange 1


The plot and general items of discussion in the TV series created by Jenji Kohan made the Sesame Street parody even more of a surprise. Don’t worry, as Sesame Street is still G-rated, you won’t find any mention of drugs or mental illnesses in their verison.

And after all, let’s not forget that Sesame Street has parodied plenty of other TV shows for grown-ups in the past, like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood.


Source:Muppet Wiki

The episode opens with a similar opening to OITNB, but the words to “The Animal” are changed to match the show’s snack theme.


And then you have Mr. Mustache, who is clearly portraying Mendez, aka “Pornstache.”


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street | Screener

Then it kicks off with a new student, introducing herself as Piper Snackman (Piper Chapman, obviously), who comments on the interesting Litchfield uniforms, and is then welcomed by Crazy Eyes’ Sesame Street clone, Googly Eyes.


Mr. Mustache announces that it’s snack time and suddenly “Red” appears, who, yes, is playing Red.

She passes out cookies in her thick, Russian accent. Piper refuses the cookie, shows everybody the orange she brought to eat and Googly Eyes proceeds to steal it, thinking that it’s a ball.


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street

Mr. Mustache tells everybody to settle down and threatens them with “the shu.”

And you won’t believe what “the shu” actually is…

It’s… a giant shoe that the punished victim has to sit inside. Yes, really, look:


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street

It also gets kind of weird when the episode pretty much copies Morello’s story line of being overly obsessed with a man.

The character in the episode spots the orange and claims that it’s “Christopher,” her boyfriend.


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street | Bustle

After all this heated action, the remainder of the episode is Piper showing off her orange snack, and Red declares that”orange is the new snack.”

Oh, and Piper is punished by Mr. Mustache for not telling him about oranges sooner, and she doesn’t actually end up eating the orange herself.


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street

This is a very strange and controversial parody, but who knows, it might be someone’s cup of tea.


Source: YouTube | Sesame Street

Check out this parody on the Sesame Street YouTube channel!


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