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Three Sets of Twins Have The Same Birthday, Their Parents Are Blessed!


Having a baby is not an easy job, especially if it isn’t planned ahead. Some couples struggle to have a baby, so they decide to adopt one. Imagine if you happen to adopt or have twins. It is both a happy event, but also a great responsibility. The Kosinki family are well aware of that. They happen to be a rare family – six of their children are born on February 28th. Craig and Carrie did not plan to adopt, but then they got a call almost four years ago from a woman asking them to adopt her twins. The woman was not able to provide the life these babies deserved. The Kosinki accepted the faith and plan that God had for them.

Carrie said: “We just felt like that was what God wanted us to do, so we decided to put our own plans down and pursue the plan that God had for us and that was to adopt first. JJ and Cece started living with their new family three months after their birthday, which was 28th February 2013.

However, one year later, the family got yet another call from the same mom. She was pregnant again, with twins. She just thought that it would be nice for the children to grow up together as a family and asked the Kosinki’s if they could adopt the next twins. The family accepted the offer and they were very happy to welcome Adalyn and Kenna. But what is the most interesting is the fact that they have the same birthday with their biological siblings.  Adalyn and Kenna were born on February 28, 2014.

The 3-year-old twins, Adalyn and Kenna, were born through an emergency C-section on February 28th, 2014. The Kosinki legally established their adoption when the twins were three months old. JJ and CeCe also came through an emergency C-section on the same date, one-year earlier.

In the next couple of months, Carrie found out she was pregnant, in September 2015, to be more exact. Believe it or not, she was expecting twins! The family was both excited and shocked! Although her due date was June 12, 2016, she had a complicated pregnancy. Carrie’s water broke at 19 weeks after six weeks of bed rest and she delivered her twins through an emergency C-section. The date was the same again – February 28th, 2016. The coincidence was unbelievable.

Carrie likes to speak about her children a lot. She says that although they have the same birthday, they are all different individuals with specific personalities. The Kosinki family wanted to share their story to let other people know that adoption is great. Carrie said. “It’s such a huge blessing to us. We love all our children the same. We wouldn’t want our lives to be any different.”


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