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A Cool Goth/Alternative Makeup Tutorial With Shannon

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-Hey there, I’m Shannon.
-Hi Shannon, welcome to Metdaan! Would you like to say a few words about yourself?
-I talk to cameras about virtually nothing and hope to bring you some form of happiness. I’m a capybara enthusiast, I love music, and I eat as many Chicago hot dogs as I can come across.

And that is how introducing Shannon Taylor, the girl behind the HeyThereImShannon, would have sounded like if we met her in person. Unfortunately, for now, watching her videos will have to do – which is not a bad thing at all!

The 19-year-old from Illinois has a unique approach to vlogging, which often includes projects like shaving off her eyebrows before drawing them back on. Luckily, in this video, she doesn’t go that far: what she does, though, is demonstrate how to achieve the perfect goth look.


The gothic subculture emerged in England in the early 1980s, as part of the famous gothic rock scene which included bands such as Joy Division, The Cure and Siouxsie & the Banshees, as well as influences from gothic literature and horror movies.


So if you like a bit of darkness in your clothing and makeup now and then, or if you want to spice things up and try a more alternative look for a change, you will hardly find a better video to start with. Give Shannon five minutes of your day, and you’ll be ready to rock it at your favorite band’s gig!

And if you like your Youtube tutorials a bit on the eccentrically-original side, make sure you follow Shannon. Or as she says in her channel description, “subscribe to become a pretty Kitty!”


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