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School ‘Share Tables’ Prevent Food Waste And Help Those In Need


There are a lot of schools across the country who are fighting against world hunger issues in the most amazing way. They have created share tables where children put food and drink they would otherwise not consume and this, later on, goes to those who need it most. These programs end up reducing waste and help the hungry kids. The concept is actually quite simple and the students love it. They just need to drop off any unopened food or drink they don’t want at the share table. Students can also exchange some items, too. Then, this leftover food goes to a nearby food bank or charity and prevents food waste.

After a June 2016 memo from the U.S Department of Agriculture many schools now participate in this project.

About 20 schools in Orange County, Florida have share table programs, as the Orlando Sentinel reports. All of them function in a similar way. One of the schools, Aloma Elementary, gives their leftover food to a nearby church. With that food, the church feeds about 100 homeless people every week.

“Without this program, that would literally go in the dumpsters,” explained Pastor Stan Reinemund of Redeemer Lutheran Church, which receives Aloma’s leftovers. “It really helps us out.”

By having a share table, schools don’t throw away good food. Others who need it can safely use the same food.

Other schools send this leftover food to homes with kids who need extra help. “Students that are maybe less fortunate than others, don’t have a lunch or a snack at school lunch, they can come up and take fruit or we’ve seen things like chips and yogurt come off the tables,” said eighth-grader Nick Iannone. He was the one who started a share table at his school, James H. Moran Middle School in Wallingford, Connecticut.

These shared tables are open to all students, which is great. There is no stigma.

Hopefully, more schools will do this in the future.

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