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Sharon Osbourne Had Some Very Strong Words About Kim Kardashian’s Supposed Feminism


It seems like Sharon Osbourne is not willing to keep up with the Kardashians anymore. The English television host and talent show judge has recently spoken about the controversial family in an interview and she held nothing back when it came to Kim and her naked selfies.

Osbourne, who identifies as a “true feminist”, says she is fed up with the Kardashians’ world and others who she thinks use feminism as an excuse in order to attract attention and popularity by means of half-naked selfies.

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In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph at the beginning of September, the UK X Factor judge explains how happy she is to see women having more power and control compared to the times when she started out in the entertainment industry.

“But the fact that a woman doing the same job as a man still gets less is insanity. I think all the women in the world should set a date and go on strike for two days. Trust me, in those two days, not a lot would get done,” the 65-year-old told The Telegraph.

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“Kim says she’s doing everything in the name of feminism, but that’s not feminism!” claims the Brixton-born manager.

“Those girls live off their bodies, half of LA has been through them and everything they do from the sex tape to the plastic see-through dresses and the gym wear is about sex, not female progress,” said the mother of three.

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Osbourne, who is one of reality television’s pioneers, didn’t seem to hide her true feelings.

“And listen,” she continued, “God bless them. If Kim wants to show off her body, fine. But that’s not feminism, that’s being a ho. And there’s nothing wrong with being a ho, but always remember what you are.”

At that point, her management team signaled there was no time left: “Shame – I could have gone on all day,” Osbourne stated.

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In the interview, Osbourne, who has been together with rock legend Ozzy Osbourne since 1979, also spoke about how she dealt with her husband’s numerous infidelities.

“Because there wasn’t just the one woman. There were six of them: some f—ing Russian teenager,” she spat out, “then a masseuse in England, our masseuse out here, and then our cook…”

“He had women in different countries. Basically, if you’re a woman giving Ozzy either a back rub or a trolley of food, God help you.”

When asked about the possibility of leaving her husband, Sharon, whose father used to manage Ozzy and sacked him from the band Black Sabbath, said: “Oh I’m never divorcing him. What on earth for? He’s nearly f—ing 70!”

Between 2002 and 2005, Sharon and Ozzy together with their two children Kelly and Jack starred in their own reality show documenting their domestic lives, called The Osbournes. The program’s first season was cited as MTV’s most-viewed series ever.

Credit: Instagram / sharonosbourne
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