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Shattered Glass Eyeliner Is The Newest Makeup Trend And Opinions Are Divided


One would think that with the plethora of makeup trends that gather pace and then simply disappear on regular basis, we would cease to be amazed by the seemingly endless well of creativity when it comes to looking different and more original. We aren’t, though. The latest stunning newcomer to the party is the “shattered glass” eyeliner that has been making the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest.

Once you move past the initial shock caused by the fact that this style looks like someone was literally gluing shards of glass to their eyelids, you might come to realize that the look is not bad at all. Suffice to say, the approach is completely harmless, and it is up to you to decide for yourself what you think of it.

A few pieces of holographic paper is all you will need to achieve this look

You can choose your own geometric forms and experiment with their positions on the eyelids.

Source: Instagram | @h.wong0

For a sleeker look, you can also lay the “shattered glass” in strips


Or if you prefer a more dramatic look, you can go with a cat’s eye

Source: Instagram | @_claudiayvette

A sparkly look is another possible option

For evenings when you feel like a true Tinkerbell, this approach will allow you to spread some pixie dust around you.

Source: Tumblr | lapadanochao

Holographic eyelashes

This one would take real artistry and craftsmanship as well as lots of attempts and patience, but attempting (and more importantly, succeeding) looks truly rad.

Source: Instagram | @greta_ag

The origin

The inception of the trend can be traced back to the shattered glass nail art, and we would just like to remind you of its funky sleekness that you can always combine with the look of your eyelids.

Source: Haute Makeup Artistry
From: diply

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