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Animal Shelter Makes Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, It Goes Viral Immediately


Buying or adopting a pet is always a good idea for many people who love animals. But, for some, it’s unthinkable to go to an animal shelter and actually rescue one. Many shelters take great care of animals, but they are totally anonymous, until something like this happens. Furkids animal shelter made an accidental decision to make a low-budget cat commercial, but the internet couldn’t stop watching it. The hilarious ‘Kitty commercial’ immediately went viral and it’s a real proof you don’t need a lot of money to produce a masterpiece.

The rescue organization has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, so it was more than fitting to feature a native Atlantan Paul Preston in the commercial. The improvised video took only 30 minutes to film and it’s probably the funniest commercial out there.

Seeing Preston perform like a good car salesman to get the cats adopted will definitely crack you up. However, in real life, the man is far from a comedian. Preston is a contractor with a rental property management company, who just happens to be a pretty funny guy, a representative of Furkids told The Huffington Post. His sister, Helen, who volunteers with Furkids, is the one to blame for the initial idea. She instantly knew that her brother would be great at this.

The commercial is simply hilarious! Or should we just say it’s purr-fect! It will definitely make you go and adopt one of those cats. Would you opt for the sleepy one or the one who can barely move, but gives excellent high-fives?

Furkids animal shelter’s ‘Kitty Kommercial’ proves you don’t need a high-budget to produce a masterpiece!

Furkids didn’t want to reveal just how much it cost to produce this glorious video. It, however, became pretty popular on the content sharing site Reddit.


Watch the whole video here and try not to laugh:

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