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16 Shoes That Everyone In The 90s Was Obsessed With


Shoes are an important and an essential part of the outfit. With every decade, shoe trends change. Nowadays, Vans and Adidas seem to be at the top of their game, and also Puma due to being promoted by big names in the showbiz such as The Weeknd and Kylie Jenner.

If you compare shoe trends from the 90s with those today, you may or may not be surprised to find that things have changed an awful lot since then. And I think most of you who were around in the 90s will relate to these 16 shoe obsessions on this list, as compiled by Providr.

1. Sugar Floaties

Who remembers these squishy and soft sandals with their insane amount of comfort?

16 Shoes That Everyone In The 90s Was Obsessed With 1

2. Jelly sandals

These can sometimes be found nowadays, and they get the name “jelly” because of their clear and rubbery design. Remember how they would be dripping in sweat after about an hour of wearing them? Kind of defeated their intended purpose of wearing them on a hot sunny day.

16 Shoes That Everyone In The 90s Was Obsessed With 2

3. Chinese Laundry flip flops

You know, those that had a sole made of straw? Try and find me a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths that have straw in them. I’ll wait.


4. Doc Martens sandals

These items were infamous for the awful smell they’d build up after a while of wearing them. From my experience, the elderly still wear these things.


5. Steve Madden slip ons

These were cool to wear because of the soft stretch band on top of the feet and the slap slap noises they would make with each step.


6. Sanuk Voodoo flip flops

These appeared to be comfy and cool to wear due to the spongy design, but they were a bit annoying to wear in the real world.


7. Adidas shower shoes

You would see these everywhere worn by people on the street in the summertime in the 90s, but nowadays they’re irrelevant thanks to the existence of Gucci and Jordan shower shoes!


8. Rocket Dog Rainbow flip flops

A popular retro platform sandal, particularly with the trendy young ladies of the nineties.


9. Mudd holographic sandal heels

These were awesome and futuristic, and were also quite common.


10. Really high platforms

This decade seemed to be all about how impossibly tall they can make the platforms, and while they were totally impractical to wear normally, it was cool admiring them in shop windows.


11. Birkenstock clogs

These were worn with pretty much everything, and everyone tried to match it with the rest of their outfits.


12. Candie’s wooden heels

These were popular but they were also really dangerous to walk around in. Just think how many gallons of drink have been spilled by people wearing these.


13. LEI Velcro platform sneakers

These were equally as popular and they allowed you to cheat by giving you a few extra inches of height at a game of basketball.


14. Original Sketchers platform sneakers

These sneaks also added height although not as much.


15. Chunky platform loafers

These were made popular by Rachel on Friends, and that was guaranteed to make you obsessed with owning a pair of these.


16. MIA chunky sandals

These would leave scuff marks all over the floor and pebbles would get stuck in the large treads.



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