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Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair


The only solution to get through this summer seems to cut your hair short. But then, we feel like we don’t have a lot of hairstyle choices that you can do with short hair and of course we want to switch up our looks once in a while.

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Patry Jordan, is mostly well received for her advice and tutorials relating to hairstyles. She has reached 10 million subscribers over each of her 5 channels. Recently she shared a very helpful tutorial on how to do 10 quick and easy hairstyles so you can add more drama to your short hair. Let’s see some of them:


This hairstyle works better with straight or wavy hair. Take a section from the side and do a rope braid and then take the other hair that’s left securing it with a bobby pin into the braid. So simple.

short 1


Start again with rope braid on the side and by twisting it and make it’s way to the back. Do the same process on the other side and let the two braids meet in the back together.

short 2


Take two sections from either side of your crown and tie them with a hair elastic. Flip the hair under and secure it with bobby pins. Done!

short 3


This hairstyle is similar to the previous one but instead of flipping your hair once, do it twice. Do the same thing in both sides and secure it with bobby pins together.

short 4


You can recreate the previous hairstyle if you want more drama and details by creating a regular braid onto the criss cross.

short 5

To watch the other 5 hairstyles, check out the video down below and enjoy!


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