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Could It Be A Shotgun Wedding? Duggar In-Law Spills Family Secrets

Secret Pregnancy

Many are speculating that Joy-Anna Duggar who got hitched earlier this summer after a three-month engagement was actually forced to marry her new husband, Austin Forsyth. Since they haven’t said anything about the allegations, a new in-law is breaking the silence on the rumors of a shotgun wedding.


Secret pregnancy


The 19-year-old sparked the shotgun rumors earlier this year when she moved her wedding from October 28 to May, 26, 2017. Even though she was engaged only three months at the time, she got married at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas.

When her baby bump started to show, she shocked fans and fueled rumors that she had a child before her wedding night and married him to avoid ‘violating’ her family’s strict rules.

Breaking the rules


As many other viewers know, they broke tradition. While for Austin, he defied patriarch Bob Duggar’s PDA by touching Joy-Anna’s hand before they got engaged. They also broke the rules again when she gave him a hug after the marriage proposal when only side hugs are allowed during courtship.

“We’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules,” Austin confessed during a Counting On special. “We try. That was a real hard try.”

“I thought it was just us there,” Joy-Anna added at the time, “and that was really special.”

Shotgun wedding


Even though Joy-Anna and Austin haven’t admitted anything yet, her brother in law made sure to say something for Radar Online.

“I’ve heard those rumors, but they’re not true,” brother-in-law Robert said. “People are too nosy.”

And then added: “I guess it’s great. I’m very excited.”

Family feud


Some other rumors say that the Duggars don’t like her new husband while one insider revealed that “there has been a lot of talk about the character of her new husband Austin” and that the clan sees him as “more of a rebel child” who may be a bad influence.

Joy-Anna’s sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, was said to be “disappointed in his character” and upset with the marriage. Appareantly, Robert didn’t feel the same way about the newest addition to their clan.

“I love her,” he said. “She fits very well in the family.”

Source: celebuzz

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