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23 “I Really Shouldn’t Have Done That” Moments


Decisions, decisions… It takes moments to make one, and then years to regret it. Whether it’s a spur of the moment thing, taking bad advice, or plain silliness, these people have made some pretty bad mistakes. The second the deed is done, they know they shouldn’t have done it, but alas, it is too late for lamenting. The only thing left to do at this point is laugh and hope one has learned the lesson and will not repeat the experience. Let’s take a look at some hilariously epic fails, compiled by Diply.

1. You’re not even trying!

Yes, it’s to be expected to get a knock-off when you are ordering from China, but the knock-off is still supposed to look like the original thing. That is not even the same color!


Source: Twitter | @femalenomads

2. Shortcuts make long delays

The signs and the fluorescent vest are apparently not enough to deter a man in a hurry. Too bad he is stuck now…


Source: Reddit | GhostalMedia

3. You can’t say ‘bubbles’ angrily

You just tried and failed, didn’t you? Anyway, this guy really must have jaws of steel. How many pieces of gum did he manage to chew?!


Source: Reddit | wonderless2686

4. If it’s on the Internet, then it must be true

Those helpful life hacks found on the Internet are not very helpful sometimes. But you should definitely try heating your spoon in the microwave so that you can scoop the really frozen ice cream more easily. Works like a charm!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

5. I want a second opinion

Those five words could’ve prevented this disaster of a logo placement.


Source: Reddit | j1002s

6. Do you even lift, bro?

Looks like someone slightly overestimated their own strength.


Source: Reddit | BUSEYS

7. Trying new things isn’t necessarily a good thing

Perhaps it would’ve worked better with Coke? #justsayin’


Source: Reddit | Double-decker_trams

8. Some mistakes could be fatal. Not this one, though.

Those lockers are a safety hazard!


Source: Imgur

9. Don’t teach your parents how to use new technology

Nothing good can come out of it. Except for these hilarious text messages.


Source: Imgur

10. Not the brightest idea you’ve ever had, sucker!

Why does past you always have to mess things up for future you?


Source: Reddit | Theron7050

11. Embarrassment as the main course, with awkwardness on the side

That is something no kid ever wants to even think about…


Source: Instagram | @hits_the_blunt

12. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Why bother making a new sign when you have a perfectly good one lying around unused since your previous business went under?


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

13. All animals are equal in the eyes of the vet

No-one said anything about snakes! OMGOMGOMG, just keep calm, keep breathing, that’s it, don’t panic. Aaargh, snake!


Source: Reddit | ebrowning

14. Reverse psychology

Not sure if it’s because Fiat sucks, or because the owner is a genius who wants to be the only person in the world to own one…


Source: Reddit | ShaftInHand

15. Deceptively short

Who can blame you? It was pretty well hidden.


Source: Instagram | @miinute

16. How do you even?!

Who cares how you get out of this situation. How did you get in it in the first place?!


Source: Reddit | thejyo

17. When you take things too literally

To do a print screen doesn’t actually mean to print the screen…


Source: Reddit | babyinthebathwater

18. Ungrateful little bugger

That squirrel stands accused of treason and attempted murder and could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


Source: Pleated-Jeans

19. The four stages of giant sandwich eating

Happiness. Horror. Disbelief. Resignation.


Source: Reddit | ComplimentShark

20. He’s got a little something on his face…

He got the ice cream, but was it worth it? Probably. It is ice cream after all.


Source: Reddit | sirquinsy

21. No regrets

So after realizing it was the wrong car, they decided to ruin the other window as well? Why?


Source: Reddit | Lightningc0d

22. Doing things halfway

At least they have a roof over their heads. Sort of.


Source: Imgur

23. What is that? A carpet for ants?

That’s Jerry’s welcome mat! Put in in front of his hole in the wall!


Source: Twitter | @adamhess1
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