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10+ Show-Stopping Easter Cakes


There are tons of holidays that are celebrated by select people worldwide, and Easter is one of those that all Christians celebrate at some point. The holiday that remembers the resurrection of Jesus Christ has plenty of cool themes and traditions to it. Peeps, easter bunnies, eggs, and the countless different delicious savory and sweet treats that differ in countries all over the world.

If for some reason, the list of different country-specific Easter treats gets a little bit too confusing for you, then there’s always that sweet food that is fine to be eaten anywhere and is known by everyone around the world – cake!

We are sharing a list of some really cool and novelty Easter-themed cakes we found on Pinterest, that you can prepare for this year’s holiday, should you decide to switch it up from the traditional Easter-themed foods.

1. Easter is not Easter without Peeps!

Well, at least in the United States. They love Peeps there, don’t they?

10+ Show-Stopping Easter Cakes 1

2. Soil cake?

At least, that’s what it looks like. There’s a carrot, some eggs and a few… what seem like Cadbury Mini Eggs at the bottom.

10+ Show-Stopping Easter Cakes 2

3. When life gives you lemons…

I know the cake probably doesn’t taste like lemons, but that was just my attempt to allude to the yellow theme. To wash off the sour taste of that joke, how about indulging in this delicious and spongy looking cake with a few bits of icing and sprinkled with some brightly colored chocolate candies (assuming they’re M&M’s).


4. Bunny!

This fun-loving creation depicts who is deep underground attempting to fish out another carrot to add to his collection. I thought it was Baymax who had just fallen over before I took a second look…


5. Just a few drops of color

This one isn’t very fussy. It’s just a few colorful dots and three differently colored layers of cake inside.


6. Chocolate eggs

*salivates* I mean, come on. You have to agree that the greatest thing about the Easter season is the egg-shaped chocolate treats. Kinder eggs, Creme Eggs, off-brand Kinder eggs (okay, maybe not those), Mini eggs, and other eggs.

Anyways, this cake is absolutely covered in the essence of life (that is chocolate) and the top is decorated with chocolate eggs of all shapes, sizes and even colors! Don’t forget the flowers.


7. Another bunny!

This bunny is very cartoonishly depicted as having his head and front paws stick out from the top of the cake. Meanwhile, his rear paws are sticking out from the sides of the cake. Not to mention the flowers, grass and soil decorations that adorn the rest of the yellow-colored cake.


8. Just a few different colors

This one doesn’t bother with any bunnies or eggs. Just a few different colorful layers and sprinkles. Still keeping with the Easter theme, though.


9. Eggcelent

I think the pun machine is on TILT right now, so I better tone it down. This intricately decorated cake features colorful flowers and several dappled colorful eggs (although I’m pretty sure they’re all sweet and edible).


10. A beautiful bouquet

A few daisies can make anyone’s day, but a much larger bouquet that contains sweet, edible daisies? That would make someone’s week!


11. Another digging bunny

They always seem to be looking for something. This busy guy is also digging up, except instead of digging up soil to find carrots, he’s digging through a basket of Cadbury Mini Eggs! I especially love how the whole thing is enclosed in Kit Kats. Well done.


12. Now for something savory

Forget your caramel and toy-filled chocolate eggs, we have the real stuff over here! Complete with decorated faces, and decorations consisting of radish, a cherry tomato and a few strands of spring onions. Good for those of you that prefer savory over sweet.


13. A valiant effort from these people

Just look at the bunny on the top layer of the cake! I could never pull this off.


14. A big bunny!

Haven’t seen enough bunny-themed cakes today? Well here’s a massive triple-decker bunny cake to finish this off!


Source: Pinterest

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