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Shower Habits You Need To Forget About


1 Don’t wash your in the  shower

If you are washing your face in the shower do not do this any more.The water temperature is much more higher while you are under the shower than the water temperature you are usually using to clean your face in the sink.  Its much better if  you wash your face in the sink after the shower with lukewarm water.


2 Hot water is damaging your skin

If you like a steamy hot shower be aware that way  you are damaging your skin.  Lukewarm is better for your skin and its not removing  its natural defenses. Finish with cold water and you will have better circulation.


3 Don’t do long showers

Its relaxing  while you are having the shower but stressful when you are paying the water bill. despite the fact that you are spending a lot of water long showers dry out your skin.


4 Change your loofah every month

Never forget to change your loofah every month and keep it on a dry place. Are you aware that the same bacteria can be found on the toilet bowl and the loofah.



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