Shrek Fans Created A Festival Called Shrekfest And It’s Wild


Can you believe it was in the distant 2010 when the last (so far) sequel in the computer-animated fantasy movie series Shrek came out? If you’re somehow not in on this Dreamworks series, which has evolved into one of the most widely spread internet memes of all time, the first movie was all about the ogre Shrek who tries to get his swamp back, but ends up falling love with a princess. People loved everything about the movie, from the green ogre, voiced by Mike Myers, to the talking donkey and the cute love story, and for the non-children watchers – they enjoyed all the extremely well hidden adult jokes as well. The movie has inspired sequels, video games, and even a Broadway musical. But you probably never imagined that there is indeed a festival for all Shrek superfans. Yes, if you are a fan, you should consider visiting it. Here is the full story.


The event was growing in size and popularity each passing year. Also, it’s even started making a modest profit for organizers.

Find out all about the Shrek festival below.

1. It all began as a hoax


In 2014, some Facebook tricksters posted an event called Shrekfest, where fans of the movie could get together. A guy called Grant Duffrin and his friends were pretty excited, but they realized it’s a fake event. So, Duffrin and his pals decided to start their own Shrekfest in Madison, WI. Every year, it’s getting more and more attention.

2. Everything was free the first year


As they went about planning the first Shrekfest, Grant Duffrin and his friends realized they had no idea what they were doing. They didn’t have the necessary licenses to sell merchandise or charge admission. Their solution? Make everything free! That first year, tickets, food, and merchandise were all offered for nothing.

3. You don’t pay for admission


Despite how much Shrekfest has grown over the years, the organizers still don’t charge admission. The food and merchandise is not free, though. If you live in the Madison area, you should definitely go for it.

4. They are quite serious about it


At Shrekfest, it can be difficult to determine who is a diehard fan and who is just a fake fan. However, everyone gives the illusion they are serious about anything and everything Shrek.

5. Attendees all dress up as their favorite Shrek characters


You can still come wearing plain clothes, but it’s no fun at all! The more creative and unforgettable, the better.

6. There’s an onion-eating contest


Onions have layers, just like ogres. So, naturally, one of the hallmarks of Shrekfest is the onion-eating contest.

7. Attendees play Pin the Tail on Donkey


Pin the Tail on Donkey is another game that has become a staple of Shrekfest. The directions are basically the same like in the movie.

8. There’s a Shrek screening with audience participation

Source: DreamworksAnimFan

Shrekfest has a screening of the movie as a part of each year’s festival. You can watch it, although it’s not a quiet watching experience.

9. Shrek Jesus has attended


You can be creative and invent characters yourself, just like this guy, for example.

10. The founders have made short horror films based on Shrek 

Source: 3GI

Grant Duffrin and his fellow Shrekfest organizers have made three short horror films based on the Shrek movie. Shrekronomicon, Jurassic Swamp, and Shrekalypse Now are the names of these pieces of art.

11. It’s supposed to be even bigger next year

Source: 3GI

This place definitely should be on your tourism shortlist.

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